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In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDEFEND) strongly condemns the Davao City Night Market bombing which resulted in the deaths of 14 people and injuries to 67 others. This calculated, deliberate, and brutal assault on defenseless civilians is intolerable, and the perpetrators of this most atrocious act should be brought to justice through diligent, affirmative, yet lawful actions by the Duterte administration. iDEFEND commiserates and sympathizes with the loved ones of the victims of the bombing, and extends its sincerest condolences and solidarity.

We strongly disapprove that the issues of terrorism, drugs and extrajudicial killings are being conflated when these are distinct issues requiring different approaches. Moreover, mobilizing the Armed Forces of the Philippines to become direct participants in the issue of drugs, will further escalate rights violations of various kinds. Instead of abating the Extrajudicial Killings, this will even increase its uptake. There have already been too many deaths - including those of very young children- since the President’s assumption into office.

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Statement Against Attacks on Women's Dignity

In a low-handed attempt to derail investigations into the killing of suspected drug peddlers and dependents in the country, President Duterte has accused Senator Leila de Lima of being immoral, an adulterer, with links to the illegal drugs trade. The President is especially scathing in his attacks on women critics. Not only does he hurl accusations left and right as if there are no laws on evidence governing this country, accusations against women are also painted with personal malice—something you don’t hear against male critics. Demonstrating a conduct unbecoming of a head of state, indeed, strutting like a common brute, a bully, the President resorts to name calling when he should be presenting legal arguments and facts to support his policies.

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Proseso Hindi Abuso! Huwag nang Dagdagan ang 1000 Biktima ng Pagpatay!

1,000 na ang naging biktima ng pamamaslang dulot ng marahas at di katangap-tangap na pamamaraan ng pagtugon sa krsis sa droga sa loob ng 95 araw mula Mayo 10 hanggang Agosto 12, 2016 (ABS-CBN data). Sa araw na ito, ipinagluluksa ng iDEFEND ang patuloy na pagyurak sa Karapatang Mabuhay. 

Ayon kay PNP Director General Dela Rosa ay “bumaba ng 49% ang crime rate sa Pilipinas dahil sa kampaniya laban sa droga.”  Nakabilang kaya sa tala ng PNP ang malaking bilang ng mga krimeng pagpatay ng mga vigilante, hindi kilalalang tao, o mismong ang mga alagad ng batas?

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Don’t make the war on drugs a war on human rights, new HR group told President Duterte

August 12, 2016 – Newly formed human rights coalition, In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement (iDefend) calls on President Rodrigo Roa Duterte not to make his government’s war on drugs a war on human rights.

In their joint statement, the group emphasized that no matter who is extrajudicially killed or whose rights are violated, he or she is a human being with rights and dignity and that human rights are for all, especially for the poor, the marginalized and the vulnerable.

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