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Guevarra report to the UN deflects culpability, accountability from Duterte, shields him from justice

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra reported to the United Nations Human Rights Council on Wednesday regarding his initial findings on the extrajudicial killing of drug suspects in the government’s war on drugs. Guevarra mainly highlighted police errors and operational breaches in anti-drug operations in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga and Cavite, including failure to follow protocol in processing crime scenes and lack of ballistic and paraffin examinations.

It audaciously glossed over the widescale failure to follow protocol and proper procedure by security forces and skipped mentioning the overall policy which directed these killings, then created the environment of impunity for the perpetration of these crimes, downgrading the systematic and brazen disregard for rule of law into individual lapses of judgement by a few bad elements in law enforcement.

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DFA funding regulation an affront to the freedom to defend human rights

Statement on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the EDSA People’s Revolt

The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs wants all financial support to non-government organizations (NGOs) by foreign governments to be coursed through it to prevent the possibility of the funds being used for terrorist activities. The written order was issued this month although DFA Secretary Locsin already revealed to the media in 2019 that failure to follow this instruction may lead to the abrogation of the NGOs’ SEC registration.

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Philippines’ pro-China stance on Myanmar also risks human rights defense in the Philippines Statement on the UNHRC resolution on Myanmar

The Philippines has dissociated from the UN Human Rights Council’s resolution on Myanmar which sought the release of elected civilian leaders including President Win Myint and Aung San Suu Kyi, restraint on violence against protesters, and the lifting of the state of emergency. The UNHRC’s special session on Myanmar was held after the UN Special Rapporteur on Myanmar called on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions, arms embargoes and travel bans in response to the military coup. The United States, which had already imposed sanctions, was able to revive its membership in the Council in time for the special session.

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Anti-terrorism law is retribution for defending human rights

Statement on the occasion of the first oral arguments by the petitioners vs Republic Act No. 11479 before the Supreme Court

We gather today with dozens of petitioners against the Anti-Terrorism Law to push back yet another despotic attempt of the Duterte government to obliterate our democracy, silence our voices and return us to authoritarian rule. We are here to challenge the government before the Supreme Court in order to protect what is left of our hard-fought freedoms and eroding liberties. Each one of us is fighting for our very lives.

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