Philippine Alliance of
Human Rights Advocates

uphold, assert and defend all human rights for all!

The Alliance

The Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA) is a non-stock, non-profit alliance duly registered under the laws of the Philippines, with SEC No. ANO92-03505. It was established on August 9, 1986 in a Congress that was participated in by more than a hundred organizations from all over the Philippines. It was formed as an alliance of individuals, institutions and organizations committed to the promotion, protection and realization of human rights in the Philippines.

Among its founding members are organizations and individuals who were in the forefront of the struggle against the dictatorial regime of former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. The establishment of PAHRA was a consolidation of the human rights movement in the country and an acknowledgement of the role played by the human rights organizations in the anti-dictatorship struggle. It was recognition of the need for a formal venue for cooperation and coordination among human rights groups in the country. From its founding, PAHRA has consistently been in the forefront of struggle for human rights. Today, it has established itself not only as one of the major human rights formations but as one of the leading voices in human rights advocacy in the Philippines. Through its initiative, the Philippine Declaration of Human and People’s Rights was adopted in December 1993 during the Human Rights Summit, which PAHRA convened. Such Declaration led to the adoption of The Human and Peoples’ Rights Declaration of the Philippines, which is meant to be the contribution of the Philippines to the long-envisioned ASEAN Human Rights Declaration.

Also, PAHRA is the sole civil society representative in the Philippine Government’s Presidential Human Rights Committee (PHRC), and is an affiliate of the International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH). It is also a member of regional organizations like the Asian Forum of Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), and the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL).

Vision, Mission, Goal


PAHRA envisions a just, democratic, and peaceful Philippines founded on human rights culture. It envisions a society where there is gender equity, recognition of multiculturalism, environmental protection, and sustainable development. As such, all individuals and peoples are able to fully realize their potentials, participate and contribute in the economic, political, social and cultural life of society, and share equitably in the benefits of economic progress.


To achieve its vision, PAHRA commits itself to the development of a strong, progressive, dynamic, and pluralist human rights movement that engages the state to comply with its HR obligations and non-state actors to fulfill their HR responsibilities. To do this, PAHRA constitutes itself as a campaign and advocacy center and develops an education and information center in partnership with its member organizations and other NGOs, POs and individual members, and in the government at all levels.


To promote and defend human rights, and prevent Human Rights violations and abuses by:

  • Establishing structures, and processes for Human Rights;
  • Working for gender equality;
  • Attaining justice through indemnification for human rights victims and abuse;
  • Protecting environment and developing sustainable development strategies; and
  • Working for peace based on justice and Human Rights

PAHRA Advocacy Work

Since its founding in 1986, PAHRA serves as an advocacy center and has been committed to work for the respect and promotion, protection and fulfillment of human rights:

We are committed to work for the recognition and realization of all human rights embodied in the international instruments such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Declaration on the Right to Development, and the Universal Declaration on the Rights of the Peoples. We support the implementation by the International Committee of the Red Cross of International Humanitarian Law embodied in Geneva Conventions and their additional Protocols.

As we pursue our militant quest for national sovereignty and respect for human rights, we declare:

That we shall promote and defend human rights in all their dimensions civil, political, social, economic and cultural, including developmental and environmental concerns, and that we equally address the rights of women, children, indigenous peoples and the Moro people in international human rights instruments;

Campaigns on Civil and Political Rights which call on both the State and non-State Entities to respect and promote human rights.

That we shall promote a strong awareness and commitment for human rights in Philippine society and shall strengthen democratic forces to fight and resist all forms of repression that prevent the people from exercising their basic rights;

That we shall exert all efforts to uphold the supremacy of the civilian authority and institutions over the military;

That we shall work to seek justice and indemnification for all victims of human rights violations.

Campaigns on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which asserts the Rights-based Approach to development as a framework for good governance. Under which are the following thematic issues:

That we shall continue to resist all forms of discrimination, intervention, local or foreign, which undermines the sovereignty of our people, subvert our right to means of subsistence and the rights to self determination and continue to resist those who preempt the dawning of genuine peace, justice and democracy.